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I have dedicated my life to the proposition that words matter: these words not those words; these words in this order not that order; and that great speakers having been using these words in this order to create memorable, powerful effects since Aristotle.

But today you also need graphics and timing.

So you need this order:

Talk Visual Talk; Talk Visual Talk. Talk Visual Talk

For public speaking, speech training and communication skills in business in Sioux Falls, SD.

Anne Holmquest: 30 years of experience

B.A. in Speech, Drake University; M.A. and PhD. in Comm., University of Iowa


Not listening because the speaker lacks my system.

Good Speech is Not...

Pretty pics that are not relevant to message

Or writing lots of words on Powerpoint

Speech is Like This:







Speak the words. Then cut to the picture. Then speak the words. 

In doing so, you will get listening and understanding.

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